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You don’t have to – you get to

Do I have to?” pleaded two Guide Patrol boys at the church door yesterday afternoon.

They had a ball in their hands, and for our winter pre-Primary program we had given them the privilege of playing in the cultural hall. But yesterday was a beautiful spring day and we were initiating our new spring pre-Primary. They looked at their Primary president and pled again,

“Do we have to?” I smiled and said, “You don’t have to-you get to!”

Every once in a while I hear that same type of pleading. Sometimes a seven-year-old will say, “Do I have to go to sacrament meeting? It’s so long!” Sometimes a priesthood boy who is thirteen makes the comment, “It’s stake priesthood meeting tonight, do I have to go?”

An Opportunity

Maybe it’s an opportunity to give a two-and-a-half-minute talk, or to participate in a family home evening. “Do I have to?” And always the answer is just the same: “You don’t have to-you get to.” You get to because our Heavenly Father loves us and He has given us the opportunity to choose. We have our free agency. You Guide Patrol boys, you don’t have to do what Sister Packer says: you get to. You get to be obedient to authority.

If I could choose, and I did get the opportunity to choose, I would come to earth. And if I could choose, I’d want to be a girl spirit. Coming into that same special home of goodly parents. In my childhood home there radiated a special spirit. A spirit of calmness, of sympathy, of sweetness, of hope, a spirit of loyalty, of sharing, of happiness. Yes, I would choose to go to that very same home.

 I Would Choose to Be a Woman

I would choose to be a woman. A woman to stand as a helpmate to a noble son of our Heavenly Father. I would know that I share in the blessings of the priesthood. And I know that if we would work together, pull together, then we would have eternal life together.

Yes, I would choose to be a mother, a mother of spirit children of our Father in Heaven. I would fill my days with useful activities that would give life, spirit, and beauty to our home, realizing that my family’s salvation depends to a great degree on my skills as a wife and a homemaker. I would labor diligently that the Spirit of the Lord could always walk with me.

The priesthood is in my home, and I would lean heavily on it for guidance and direction.

Yes, I would choose to be right here, right now. To be here in your presence, to feel your power-your power because of righteous living. I would choose to be in the presence of the priesthood. I know that Elder Brown, Elder Packer, and the other Brethren hold the priesthood of God. That the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth.

Sister Packer, That all may be edified.

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