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Will there be a call-out?

“Many of you have asked me questions on what my feeling are on the call out. I’ll say it again. The call out is a true principle. It’s scripturally based, it’s everywhere.

If people don’t know that the Lord calls out his covenant people from dangerous areas to supplant them in places of safety, they’re not students of the scriptures. You can’t read the scriptures and not know that the call out, as it’s called today, is a scriptural principle. So, yes, I believe in that. I believe that I am living in a place that will be a place of safety. This place where I am at was established by Mormon pioneers as a part of the Little Colorado Mission. Brigham Young sent Mormons from Utah down into this area. They followed the Little Colorado River up to it’s headwaters where I’m at. I’m at the foot of the White Mountains. And it was a terrible life in the beginning. This area was filled with outlaws and thieves and the Mormons settled in here at the peril of their lives. The two communities I live in to this day are still separated by a hundred plus year old animosity that goes all the way back to outlaws and sheepherders and cattlemen. The Mormons came in here and settled this area at great cost.

I believe that when asked about a call out, I was ready to go out to Cabela’s and spend some significant money on materials for bug out bags, tents, and everything else, because I believe in the call out principle. And yet when it came time to push the button and order the material we couldn’t do it. We just didn’t feel like it and eventually what happened was the spirit settled on us and said, “You live in a place where people will come to escape for their lives.” And I believe that this place was sanctified by the turmoil, the sorrow, the travail, and the adversity of the early pioneers who settled here and that their children will reap the benefits of a safe place because of the sacrifice of their pioneer fathers.

I believe that there are places like that all throughout the country that have been made hallowed and sanctified. Will the Church issue a call out? I don’t know. I believe there is a call out going on right now. I believe the spirit of the Lord is hovering over men and women, moms and dads, and their families and inspiring them to do certain things to prepare for the events that are sure to come. Some of those things that they’re being inspired to do is to move and to sell what they have and to move to places. I know people personally and others as a result of podcasts that have shared their stories with me that ‘we’ve up and moved without knowing where we were going’.

Like Nephi in 1 Nephi 4, he goes up over the walls of Jerusalem: I was led by the spirit not knowing beforehand where I should go”. That’s happening now. So whether there will be a membership-wide call out as a result of instructions given by the President of the Church, I don’t know and frankly, it doesn’t matter to me. What matters to me more, brothers and sisters, is that we live so close to the spirit that we sanctify ourselves. That we live so close to the spirit of the Lord that that spirit will instruct us in every detail as to what we should do, where we should go, and we don’t have to worry because it won’t be the philosophies of men mingled with scripture. It won’t be what one person thinks might happen or how they interpret the scriptures. Your move will be guided by the spirit through personal revelation and that is always pure and it is always right. It is never wrong. ”

Source: Mike Stroud Documents

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