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It’s a Toll Road not a Highway to Heaven

The road back home isn’t a free pass in the fast lanes. It’s a toll road with lots of enticing exits.

  • Each must pay the price
  • Don’t take enticing exits or “free” pass lane. The bill always comes due. The cops will catch up to you
    • If you follow the laws you don’t have to worry about being pulled over or getting a citation for wrong-doing
    • Convictions will always come
    • Don’t try to be a law unto yourself
  • Highway to heaven – song
  • “Each man must climb the rung of a latter one at a time.” JS
  • Learn to understand and recognize the signs
    • DMV driving test – open books, but if you don’t speak the language you still won’t pass (Spencer UT DMV Aug. 2013 in and out in 10 minutes Hispanics still there 45 minutes later)
    • No cheating on this one. “God employeth no servants at the gates.”
    • Story of Egypt taxi from Elat to Cario (run through checkpoints, call minutes before, no orange license plates, dropped off east of Suez canal)
  • Do we see them as rules, requirements or rewards

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