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The Search for Truth

A 1960s-era church film (15-minute) about the relationship between science and religion features David O. McKay, Wernher von Braun, Harvey Fletcher, and Henry Eyring, Sr. The advice Henry Eyring Sr.’s father gives him as he leaves for college is a lesson for us all.

“Now I don’t know much about science, son, but I do know quite a bit about some other things. I do know that the Lord spoke to the prophet, and that the gospel is true. I know our gospel believes in truth regardless of its source. Now I’ve tried to tell you the way things look to me, and maybe sometimes I’ve told you things that don’t exactly jibe with the truth. But if I have, just discard them. In this church, you don’t have to believe anything that isn’t true. And if you want to be a scientist, son, you hit it just as hard as you can. Now you’re going to hear some things up there that don’t jibe exactly with what you’ve heard in Sunday school, but don’t worry about it. Just keep an open mind and truth will eventually work its way to the surface. I don’t worry about how much you learn. Study all the science you can. And if you’ll remember your prayers—and don’t be profane—and live in such a way that you’ll feel comfortable in the company of good people, your mother and I will feel good about you going. And don’t you worry about the gospel, son. It’ll stand the test of all truth.”


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