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The Plan of Salvation – Diagrams

“A religion can be no better than theology on which it is based.” Thus our own religion can be no better than our knowledge of our theology — to increase ones faith, one begins by increasing knowledge of theology. To increase your faith and everything that follows from it, I highly recommend a read of D&C 93 and the Lectures on Faith while reviewing these detailed diagram of the wonderful plan of salvation. It can take a minute to review, but a lifetime of study, ponder and praying to “endure to the end” and “land your immortal souls on the right hand of God.” You can download them by “right clicking”


Download PDF by Jerry Wilson

  • LF = Lectures on Faith
  • D&C = Doctrine and Covenants
  • OM = Origin of Man
  • KF =

plan-of-salvation plan-of-salvation-lowe


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