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Social Mirror versus Divine Mirror

If you’ve visited the circus in your life, you no doubt have experienced the crazy mirror room. You stand in front of mirrors which reflect crazy caricatures of our bodies. We’re amused by the reflection simply because we know it’s not a true one. We know because we can take one good look at ourselves without a reflection to know our true selves.

Yet, when a person begins to define themselves in terms of the social mirror, unrighteous reflection, it becomes the dominant reference point for perception, an inaccurate map of our lives, situation, self and especially our souls. When we use any type of mirror for our reference points, we compare everything else in and around use with that perception. We begin to think the social reflection is the real self. We begin to internalize this self-view into a self-description or self-image or self-concept (regardless of how self-deceptive it is). This becomes the label we wear. We begin to believe it and begin to see less the real distortion from exposure to other disastrous, distracting, and devilish reflections. In fact, we begin to reject the true self or divine reflection. We begin to feel more comfortable with a picture, label or reflection of ourselves.

“When men found the mirror they began to lose their souls. The point, of course, is that they began to concern themselves with their images rather than their selves. Other men’s eyes are mirrors, but the most distorting kind. For if you look to them you can only see reflections of your reflections. Your warpings of their warpings.” Stan Herman

Our true identity is divine, eternal, unchangeable, constant and consistent with God and His word. Click here to read about your true identity and develop your own plan to practice this divine mirror and true reflection of yourself and the world.

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