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Sit still and trust the Engineer

If you were to drive any long distance in the dark, your headlights illuminate less than 100′ in front of you. The fact that you can’t see your final destination 2000, 20, or even two miles ahead doesn’t keep you from embarking on your journey. There will be many turns, detours, distractions, exits and entries along the way and in the dark. Yet, with the instruments of lights you will see just enough in front of you to keep going.

This is faith. Driving by the light of the Lord, the only true Light and Life in this world. Knowing your destination and moving forward with one foot at a time shows your faith (the moving cause of all actions). Take one step into the dark with the light you have and your whole journey will be lit with light, life and understanding. The true story below exemplifies this:

“The engineer pulled his train into a station one dark night, and a timid passenger inquired of the engineer if he wasn’t frightened to pull his train out in the dark with 400 or 500 passengers’ lives at stake. The engineer said, pointing up to the bright headlight, ‘I want to tell you one thing: when I pull out of this station I won’t be running in darkness one foot of the way. You see that light a thousand yards ahead? I run my engine just to the edge of the light, and when I get there it will still be on a thousand yards ahead.’ Having said that, President McKay added: ‘I want to tell you something. Through all this dark night of uncertainty, I want to tell you that this Church will not be running in the dark one foot of the way. You remember it. We can only see the next October as the first circle of light. We have told you what to do six months from now. By the time we get there the light will be on ahead of us, but every step of the way that light will be there.

You teach your people to follow the light and they will be safe on Zion’s hill when the destructive forces come in the world.”

When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don’t throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer.

Driving in the dark (world) is optional and not recommended!

President David O. McKay
Welfare Agricultural Meeting, 5 Apr. 1969

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