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Our thoughts are subject to influence from other many source; are you sure it’s not Sinspiration? They can be good, neutral and evil, both from without, from the physical and the environmental world, and from sources within, is it.

Our thoughts control the behavior of the physical body. If our thoughts are lazy and undisciplined, this process may be (and unfortunately very often is) reversed with the physical body controlling the thoughts, a bondage (much like Harmonal Revelation), as it were, to clay.
Our thoughts are subject to spiritual influence. Inspiration can and does come from God. He is real, and it is real.
Temptation, another kind of inspiration, can assert itself from the adversary; it is equally real. (My secretary, in typing the foregoing sentence, misspelled a word and inadvertently invented a very usable one-“sinspiration”.) So we are subject to inspiration and sinspiration. But, regardless of the influence and regardless of the source, the most important consideration is that we may choose. We are free to choose. The Lord said to Adam:
Nevertheless, thou mayest choose for thyself, for it is given unto thee. (Moses 3:17)
In a similar way, the opportunity to choose is given to us. Herein lies the agency of man. There is no more ennobling or exalted concept than to know that men are free, if they will, to think what they will.

Inspiration is like Water

All the water in the world, however hard it tried, could never sink the smallest ship, unless it gets inside. All the evil in the world, the blackest kind of sin,Can never hurt you one least bit, unless you let it in.
We are accountable for what we think; we are responsible for what we think. We can tell good from evil if we will. Therefore, I repeat again those things that we should know about our thoughts:
  • That they are the control center for all action;
  • That they are powerful;
  • That they are individual, meaning that we can think of only one thing at a time;
  • That they are subject to influence-both from the physical and from the environmental world, and from the realm of the spiritual-both good and bad;
  • That we are free to choose.

Source: “That all may be edified,” Boyd. K. Packer

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