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Satan the great Spoiler

If you only had one shot to talk to people you love and talk to people you really desire to take something from your thirty minutes, who would it be? What would you say? Would your life be any different?

Read about the final messages from great people like Nephi, Helaman, Moroni, President Kimball, ect..

He has this incredible capacity to lie and to be deceitful, to be a sneak and a cheat and a liar. He can spoil good things. We are all seeking a good life, but the spoiler will do everything that he can do. And he is so good at it. The most blamed person, when things go wrong, in the society of America is God, our Heavenly Father. Then Mom and Dad are number two.

There will be some attitudes in our day. Hear what Nephi says Eat, drink, and be marry for tomorrow we die; just a little liar. Bad things seem good and sin seems right under certain circumstances. They will say, “all is well in Zion.” The devil cheateth their souls and leadeth them slowly down to hell. He sneaks in. He created wedges between roomettes, parents, and the Lord. The answer is in Christ.

“A man and a woman is the greatest who approaches that of Christ. It has nothing to do with money.” President Benson.

L.O.V.E (Michigan football coach) If you don’t love yourself, go home! If you don’t love the game, go home! Love each other! If you don’t love them enough leave.

Your best defense again the spoiler is, do you love yourself enough to check yourself. How are my prayers? Do we love ourselves enough to have the Holy Ghost? Do you love the game? This is life. Everyone has problems. The Spoiler does that. “Our detours and disappointments is the straight and narrow path.” President Benson. “The tree” (Poem)

The plaguing sin of our generation is sexual sin.” J.S. Love ourselves enough to pay attention to the great spoiler. Love others enough to help and protect them.

By David A. Christensen on 2-7-95

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