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Repentance brings our conduct up to our ideals

“A Christ-centered life is one that internalizes the values and ideals of Christ and strives to make the behaviors a complete expression of these ideals and values.

One of the most powerful evidences of repentance and being a doer of the word and not a hearer only, of obeying that which on has committed to obey, is that such active behaviors assists the education of the conscience and reinforces its knowledge in ways that no amount of church attending or studying can. Doing actually changes the fiber of a person’s nature – his soul, his conscience, his character. Doing changes his view of himself. A person’s behavior is largely a product of such self-made fuel.

Repentance brings our conduct up to the level of our ideas. Rationalization brings our ideas down to the level of our conduct.”

Stephen Covery, The Divine Center, pg. 216-217

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