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Be ye renewed in the spirit of your mind

Your attitude become your own evidence. So how do you be “renewed in the spirit of your mind” to help produce the evidence or fruit you want?It’s a law of nature (God) that our habits hone are happiness. Abraham Lincoln put it:

“No man is happier than his habits.”

With consistent and dedicated effort, can become your own factory of positive, hopeful and happy thoughts. Here are principles proven to enable you to be motivated and capable of keeping the spirit of renewing of the mind going:

  1. At all times maintain a “keep it going” attitude (think)
  2. Cultivate the spirit quality (prayer) to assure that you can sustain the “keep it going” attitude in good days or bad
  3. Renew yourself on a spiritual basis (reading, pondering) if you expect to be renewed constantly in the spirit of your mind
  4. Believe and affirm that nothing can anymore take the bloom off your spirit (decide)
  5. Every night before bed, mentally empty your mind to cleanse the day and prepare it for the succeeding day. Every night eliminate those old, dark, gloomy thoughts and come alive. Visualize a whiteboard full of writings/drawings of the day being completely erased and empty. Say to yourself, “these thoughts are now flowing out of my mind — out of my mind — passing away.” (cleanse & renew)

You can become your own therapist through the consistent application of powerful positive habits. If you feel like you’ve hit bottom remember that the bottom is a really great place. When you hit the bottom you’ve gone as far down as you can go. The only direction from there is up.

Simply affirm, “dear Lord, I can’t handle my life. My problems have sunk me. I need help So I turn my life over to You here and now.”

The Positive Principle Today, pg. 76, 84

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