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On Proof vs. Testimony

“To prove the reality of any truth to someone who does not want to accept it is rather a fruitless endeavor.”

“There is but one path to safety to the Latter-Day Saints and that is the path of duty. It is not a testimony; it is not a marvelous manifestation, it is not knowing that the Gospel is true — it is not actually knowing that the Savior is the redeemer; but it is the keeping of the commandments of God, living he life of a Latter-day Saint.”Heber J. Grant “Seeking the spirit, McConkie, pg. 13
The scribes, Sadducees, and Pharisees constantly taunted Jesus for Proof and when it was set before them in overwhelming abundance they continued to disbelieve it.
“Oh ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky, but can ye not discern the signs of the time.” Mathew 16:23
We assume no obligation to answer every question or objection that might be raised. Sooner or later every man is backed up to the wall of faith where he must make his stand.
God has never assumed try obligation to answer all out questions or tell us all he know.
Seeking the Spirit, pg. 8
People know the church is true to the degree they are true to the church
“Show me Latter-day Saints who have to feed upon miracles, signs and visions in order to keep them steadfast in the church, and I will show you members of the Church who are not in good standing before God and who are walking in slippery paths.” Joseph F. Smith, Seeking the Spirit, pg. 14


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