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The one secret to a happy marriage from the prophets wife

Years ago, Marjorie P. Hinckley, the wife of former church President Gordon B. Hinckley, shared one of the most profound insights about the reality of marriage and the expectations that accompany it that is even more applicable in today’s culture. The interviewed ask her,

“What is the secret to your happy marriage?”

Sister Hinckley replied matter-of-factly,

Oh, I just lowered my expectations!

“For the last half century or so, the commercial world, the media, and political advocates have worked to convince those at every socioeconomic level that they have a “right to expect better,” economically, socially, legally, and in many other ways. We are also living through an astonishing electronic revolution that now offers marvels and comforts that kings and queens couldn’t previously have dreamed possible—affordable, user-friendly devices and ideas that work wonders with virtually every dimension of the information age.

All of this has only heightened our take-it-for-granted assumption that we can now “expect” that whatever used to be hard, complicated, or expensive is now easier, within reach, accessible to everyone. The social media avalanche has added yet another component—even individual consumers are no longer isolated and powerless. Now we can decide on and advocate our own preferences, organize ourselves, talk to each other, and get our own message out to the masses without leaving our seats.” The Contrite Spirit, Bruce C. Hafen

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