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Church Part 1 – There is no Salvation in Church

There is no salvation in church only through it. God saves souls not churches. Please see Church Part 2 – Why does God have a church??

  • Active in the church vs. Active in the Gospel (Steven Covey)
  • Reason is more important than revelation ( Elder Oaks, The Lord Way pg. 66, Sam Va)
  • Are you asleep at the wheel? Driving but not responsible or conscience – where does it lead? Active in church, but not the gospel. In the church, but not of the church. (Living with (around, intellectual the gospel, living in accordance with internalizing the gospel)
  • There is no salvation in false doctrine
  • No one washes a rental car – take ownership
  • People need a backbone, not a wishbone Faith Precedes Miracle pg. 122
  • Work out your salvation with fear and trembling before the Lord
  • We must all get our own PhD in the gospel
  • To be, not to seem (appear) some state license plate
    • Judge by the vehicle (old) or driver?
  • We believe that worship is far more than prayer and preaching and gospel performance. The supreme act of worship is to keep the commamamdents. J Fielding Smith
    • Emulation is the highest form of adoration
    • True worship takes the form of works
    • Adoration should spontaneously produce emulation
  • Personal responsibility not church org over meant programs – “Those who insist that a Church program exist for every contingency and need are as much in error as their counterparts who demand that government intervene in every aspect of our lives. In both instances the ideal balance is destroyed with a resultant detriment to human progress.” Self accountability and human progress 1980 Annual conference
  • Problems are easy to spot usually public, but personal progress is more prevalent and private and …
  • “That person is not truly converted until he sees the power of God resting upon the leaders of this church, and until it goes down into his heart like fire.” (CR, April 1972, pg 118) Harold B. Lee
  • Cult of the Common Man (Le Grand Richards)
    • “You Must Pay the Price”
    • don’t let the church become the couch of complacency in becoming
  • Churchianity vs Christianity
    • Stop playing church
  • Comcast Christianity
  • Commoditize Christ
  • We don’t need more church programs 
    • We need perspective, righteous people, 
    • HQ got it, but local should follow (Maxwell, We will prove them herewith, pg. 65)
      • Covey – church is just the scaffolding
      • People are not Projects
  • Society is made up of individual souls
    • keep them both as pure as they can be
    • “We’re all here because we’re not all there.” Mental Ward store in Ft. Lauderdale Florida
  • It’s not about the church, but about truth. God saves people not a church (seeking the spirit pg. 51)
    • Gospel is meant to be lived not preached
    • whole idea of man is improvement not passing time with tasks
    • Would you like to experience Hawaii or see a picture/video of it
  • Hypocrite – someone who isn’t themselves on Sunday
    • “If Satan ever laughs, it must be at hypocrites. They are his  greatest dupes. They serve him better than any other, and receive no wages.” C Caleb Colton
  • Crammed conversion – doesn’t bring about Christ-like change. Spiritual Roots of Human Relations pg. 52, six events, law of the harvest, there is no microwave popcorn or miracle pill or instant potatoes recipes for religion.
    • “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”    Carl Rogers
  • The flags in hell are at half mast
    • Live your life so that when you wake up every morning satan says “oh no he’s up again”
    • Take your name off gods worry list
  • Gospel is the easiest to understand and yet the hardest to follow
    • People don’t struggle with the truth, the struggle with living it
  • Saints are looking for more exceptions/exemptions than redemption
  • “Principles, not prescriptions” Henry Kissinger. “Principles with prescriptions in direct correlation (amount) to the consistent application. sw
  • We are not just headed to church or the baptismal font but to the temple and kingdom of God. I don’t invite people to church, I invite them to the temple. They will do what they need to to get there. 6 hours on Sunday instated of 3. Logan TEMPLE President Taylor 2014 (stake conference)
  • “All hell cannot hinder me from enjoying Zion in my own heart… It is not he object or design of the gospel to create spiritual dependence.” Brigham Young. Seeking the Spirit, pg. 98
  • “I would just as soon go to a graveyard and labor to raise the dead as to attempt to bess a people who would not do for themselves all that was within their power. Brigham Young. Seeking the Spirit, pg.99

  • We are responsible for our own salvation
    • We must get our own PhD in the gospel
  • We have to be active in the gospel, not just the church
    • or the culture
  • We have agency
    • we must be anxiously engaged in a good cause
    • God will not enforce agency
    • We can choose, but we can’t choose the consequences
    • “without compulsory means”
  • God honors our desires
    • Pharisees
  • Only Christ can forgive sin

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