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The word LIFE has an IF at its center

Have you noticed the word L-I-F-E has an IF at its center? The existence of these two letters represent a concept of uncertainty which is designated by the gift of choice (agency) we have. “Can it be a fact that half of life is an if even as it constitutes half of the word which stands for existence on earth?… If so, or whatever proportion that if factor represents, it is all the more reason why we must assume a firmer control of those uncertainties, the ifs, and make them into certainties, thereby contributing to, rather than detracting from our best potential.”

Think deeply about the following equation:

Life is ___________ because I am __________

Take courage in the fact that our existence on earth is intended to be for us rather than against us, like the birth of a butterfly.

Source: The Positive Principle Today by Norman Vincent Peale

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