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The Gospel is a prescription not a pill

What is the gospel to you, a prescription or a pill? A temporary relief when you’re compelled to be humble or the reason for living? An escape to life or the way to life?

  • A Prescription – A daily dose of natural, organic (heavenly), regularly used principles
  • A Pill – A one-time shot, take it and forget it. No work on your part, man-made and synthetic pills to temporarily mask pain, problems, and discomfort.
  • A way of life (now) and a way to life (later) [Now and Later|
  • Not an escape to life, but way of life
  • Canada/LA Cruise “We’ve tried religion… it hasn’t worked for the world.” See other notes on sharing the gospel
  • We need a permanent plan, not just a prescription or pill
  • D&C 19:6 God already suffered IF we would___________
  • Don’t need a physician until we recognize we need to be whole
  • “I give men weakness that they may…” not take a shot and forget about it again
  • Recognize our reliance on a Savior
  • I believe in prescriptions not pills
  • Vitamin Deficiency
    • A, B, D12, C (symptoms of each)
    • Remedy, world countries
  • It is reported that was is a physician in Birmingham, Alabama (1972), who goes around writing prescriptions for people, to be filled not at drugstores but at bookstores. He knows what all of us know, that our most serious sicknesses are our soul sicknesses.

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