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The Gospel is True, what else matters?

Elder Gordon B. Hinckley told a story after going into Vietnam that to Harold B. Lee was a great lesson. There was a young man who was in the military service in Vietnam and who joined the Church and was now about to go back to his home country in Southeast Asia.

Brother Hinckley said to him, “What is it going to do to you when you get back home now that you have joined the Church?”

“Oh,” said the youth, “I will be cast out. My family will disown me. I will have difficulty in school. I will have no military rank.”

Elder Hinckley then asked, “Isn’t that a pretty big price to pay?”

And this young man looked at Elder Hinckley and said, “Well, the gospel is true, isn’t it?”

That was a soul-searching question for Brother Hinckley, who replied: “Yes, my boy, with all my soul, the gospel is true.”

And then this young man said, “Well, what else matters then?”

If the gospel of Jesus Christ is true—and it is true—what else matters?

The Lord may bless us with that rock-bottom testimony that will guide us through all the perils of life if we will just continue to say to ourselves, “Because I know that the gospel is true, nothing else matters.”


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