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Membership in God’s earthly kingdom, designed to prepare us for His more

God’s plan is actually a puzzle not a path

If you don’t have all the pieces you’re not alone. We are meant to be limited, so we can be strengthened by Him instead of by the social stimuli that surrounds us the the classroom of life.

Elder Neil L. Andersen


  • We obtain them only from the right source, whether we recognize it or not.
  • Do you have all the pieces? Where do they come from? How do you put them together (fear and frustration or faith)?
  • “I’m greateful my priesthood is limited…” President Kimball

An Object Lesson

“I almost always commence teaching the Old Testament in the same way. I bring in a box of odds and ends and place them on my desk. I ask for two volunteers, and when they come to the front, I show them the box, tell them they have two minutes, and sit down. The responses vary. Nearly all ask what they are supposed to do. I never respond. Some then stand and wait, others begin to remove items from the box and make an attempt to build something—anything—with the materials that are there.

After a few minutes, I invite the participants to describe their experience. Without exception they speak of the difficulty of proceeding effectively without knowing precisely what they are to do.

Sometimes, at this point, I discuss the rules for various parlor games, and share examples. Near the beginning of almost every set of rules can be found a section called something like Object of the Game, wherein the manufacturer and designer tells the players what they are trying to accomplish.” Source


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