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Girls Go for “Bad Boys” because “Good Guys” are Idiots

“Girls never give us ‘good guys’ a chance and always end up with those ‘bad boys’…ugh!”

If this is something some half man has said to you, perhaps this is a good opportunity to share it with them…because you love them.

If that is something you have said. For shame.

An attractive Asian dancer friend of mine shed some light on why she doesn’t ever seem to be with the “good guys,” much to her chagrin.

To understand why girls end up with “bad boys” and “good guys” are left confused, we must first understand how attraction with men and women works.

Women love on a spectrum. Men don’t.

Men love on a point.

Meaning that when a woman meets a man, that man can increase or decrease in attractiveness quite significantly based on personality, connection and the phase of the moon.

Men have a hard time really understanding this because they meet a woman and she pretty much stays the same attractiveness level, regardless of other factors.

Now, two of the MAIN factors in a woman finding a man attractive are 1) his confidence and 2) his interest shown in them.

 And therein lies the problem of girls often liking the “bad boys.”

See the “good guys” are timid, humble and rarely assume that an attractive girl is interested in little ol’ them. The flirting of the female variety is confused for just being kind.

The “bad boys” are arrogant, pretentious and can’t fathom that an attractive girl isn’t interested in the awesomeness that is them. Even the spurns of an attractive woman are interpreted as unapologetically borderline obsession.

And while slightly annoying, the “bad boys” are, in the end, both persistent and flattering. And if the “bad boys” think so highly of themselves, the women think, maybe, just maybe, there is something there they should like too. Not to mention that confidence usually plays out in a successful career (albeit an affair or two, but that is a couple kids away).

Basically it isn’t that my Asian dancer friend goes after “bad boys,” but rather that “good guys” won’t grow a pair (of eyes to see a great opportunity).


Ladies…you will have to ‘put yourselves out’ there if you want a “good guy”–it may be tough, but it sure is better than just ‘putting out’ to the “bad boys.”

“Good guys”…come on man. Just take a leap of faith and realize that in the end, the girl really want you. But wants you as a man, not a puppy.

“Bad boys”…well played. Well played indeed. But don’t worry, when you make your money, put on 50lb and are on your third marriage, you’ll be calling a “good guy” for life advice. You can keep your hot and shallow because the “good guys” will eventually end up with the attractive Asian.



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