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Faith it till you make it

You’ve heard the saying, fake it till you make it, which is a powerful principle. Yet, there is a higher truth that will bring even more positive results into your life:

Faith it till you make it

This is what Professor William James described as the “As If” Principle. This simply means that by acting as you wish yourself to be, in due course you will become as you act. It’s a matter of thinking, believing, and acting as if you already have the fruit from the plant while it’s in the ground.

Seriously? Yes, you can act today as if you already are and have Gods gifts when you just planted the seed of desire in the ground. As you continue to nourish the seed of the fruit you desire (and might I add he wants you to enjoy) it will begin to “spring up unto you.”

If you are fearful, act as if you had courage Continue to act courageously and ultimately you fear will diminish  as courage increases. If you are included to criticize, start to act generously, placing the best connotation on everyone and everything and you will become less critical and more compassionate.

Because “faith is the moving cause of all action,” by faithing it you are acting on positive action, not just positive thinking and manifesting the power of God into your life immediately. You don’t have to wait,

Change doesn’t take time, deciding to change takes time.

So act today with faith in the Almighty to change your brain, change you mind, change your life, and use the power of Christ to “be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

“Those who are able to take the tough blows that come one after another never panic, but always keep thinking and probing for answer and for solutions. What they have inside is faith, belief, and confidence. For them, failure is but an incident in a success-motivated life from which they they draw know-how and experience and added strength. When you suffer a setback and overcome it, you can emerge stronger than before.” The Positive Principle Today, pg. 71

Faith it isn’t Faking it

Faithing it till you make it isn’t the same as faking it till you make it. Faith is the moving cause of all action based upon truth; things are they were, are and will be. Faith is a vision of who you really are, you’re God-given identity. Faking it is wishful hoping that somehow and someday, which isn’t on the calendar, you’ll have or be what you want. Faith is seeking after who you already are or what God already wants to bless you with, see thank in faith. It starts with the spiritual creation or vision and extends to the physical creation or reality.

With this true principle, you aren’t hopelessly wishing to randomly become someone. You’re inspired by God to “act as if” if you’re already the person He want you to be.

An Example

“Every person can make the next day the best in his/her life. The method for so doing was not to lie in bed moaning, groaning and grumbling as usual, pouring into the ears of his patient and long-suffering wifr3e his aches, pains and negativism. Instead, when he awoke he was to throw back the bed-covers with a gesture of masterful self-assertion and leap out of bed, exclaiming to his startled wife, Honey, I feel wonderful.”

Of course, she might very well have a heart attach and expire on the spot! But she would die happy. Then, this man was to sing in the shower. thereby washing out of mind all the old, tired, dead thoughts of yesterday while washing the body with soap and water. After this, feeling alive to the fingertips, he was to get dressed and descend to the dining room and sit down to the breakfast his wife had so thoughtfully and lovingly prepared for him. He was to take a long, respectful look at that breakfast and say, Honey, this is by all odds the most magnificent breakfast I ever say down to. That, assuredly would inspire her so that the next day he would not need to lie about it! The Positive Principle Today, pg. 66-67

Fulfillment follows Faith

Faith it till it follows you to fulfillment. The law of the harvest is always in full season with this principle. You don’t plant a seed and eat the harvest the next day. But waiting for the harvest that seed is the same variety the day you planted it as the day you enjoy it. If you plant corn, you eat corn. Faking it is planting rice and expecting to enjoy watermellon. Faith is waiting patiently upon the Law of the Harvest and the Lord (the creator of the law) for the fruit of what is planted.

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