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Experiment upon His word, don’t doubt them

Real difficulties can be overcome, for “with God nothing shall be impossible,” buttake courage, “for the last dejected effort often becomes the winning stroke,” Williams J. Cameron says. The man was healed on the seventh time washing in the pool. Others call it Him a “fourth watch God.” The work for us along the path of overcoming develops deep roots and Christ-like character. Or as Marcus Aurelius stated it:

“Man must be arched and buttressed from within, else the temple wavers to the dust.”

The Lord commanded us to, “experiment upon my words, and exercise a particle of faith.” Alma 32:27 and to “doubt not, but be believing.” Mormon 9:27 Real and imaginary difficulties can be overcome as we get our Gospel PhD by conducting our own experiment upon His word instead of doubting His words, His ways, His timing and our abilities.

Four simple ways to begin the experiment in your life:

  1. Prayerize
  2. Visualize
  3. Energize
  4. Actualize

The principle above, and of the gospel, work when worked. With these principles firmly in place you’ll be “philosophical, relaxed and quietly thoughtful. Do this and the coping process will become easier and surer.”

“Do not become tense: never get worked up; always remain unperturbed. Remember, easy does it. Never let yourself be disturbed. Be philosophical. Always maintain emotional balance. Keep the mind operating and in constant control of the emotions… Be quiet and thoughtful, take things as they come. And always depend upon the calm knowledge that you can be master of anything that may happen to you.” The Positive Principle Today, pg. 164

I can find no scripture in which we are encouraged, let along commanded to think about, visualize, or worry about failure. The writer Williams Feather explained the reasoning simply, “Success is seldom achieved by people who contemplate the possibility of failure.” Power operates through the mind as surely as through wires. Communication comes directly into consciousnesses no less surely than television pictures are transmitted via satellite.” ibid, pg. 144

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