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Everyone has a piece of Good News inside

Each of us has a big piece of good news deep within ourselves. Such good news is the fact that with God’s help we have what it takes to meet all tough, challenging, upsetting situations and to react creatively to them. The Gospel is God’s good news to the world. But, our divine heritage, inherent talents, light of Christ and creative mind able to receive frequencies of faith is the good news inside everyone from before birth.

When you are faced with a painful problem the message for you is that you can handle it, and effectively. The Lords Law of the Harvest is a law of increasing returns:

For every experience of failure, pain and suffering there is a seed of equivalent benefit

“The faithful know the value of late crops, the necessity of working and waiting.” Says Elder Eyring. But if that sorrowful situation or challenging circumstance has worn you down and depleted your supply of faith, draw on the medicine of your mind for a constant resupply of believe in yourself and in God. “It will get you going with increased courage. New Insights and a strong grasp on the situation will come, however complex and difficult the situation may appear to be.

The phrase “may appear” is used because the outcome to any problem, good or otherwise, depends upon how it appears to us. Most outcomes are first determined in mental outlook. Take a strong, positive look at your upsetting situation and apply the powerful positive principle? The Positive Principle Today, pg. 135

Take time to really think, meditate, and ponder for at least 15 solid minutes, without interruption or noise, on the problem. Thinking can be accomplished most effectively only when the emotions are under strict control. In this time, find the frequency of faith and let a a flood of solutions come to you mind.

“In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.” Isaiah 30:15

May I commend a religious study of the scriptures to lay up within you a “well springing up unto everlasting life,” that will become memorized peacefulness immediately available to you at anytime, anywhere.

Some might say, “you don’t know my situation, you can’t really understand,” and even declare quiet heatedly. “This reaction is understandable and deserving of sympathy. However, such an attitude can never be valid, for people who develop the spiritual mind know the good news within themselves and have developed the principles to support them in an upsetting situation. They do not panic and act intelligently and in a controlled manner.” ibid, pg. 138

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