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Membership in God’s earthly kingdom, designed to prepare us for His more

Are you enrolled in the Gospel PhD program?

True higher education is not a classroom you sit in, but the custom curriculum God has provided for your life. Are you enrolled or are you just auditing?

A new sermon will be written with a few of the notes below. In the meantime, visit Education of the whole man and learn about God’s Education System (GES) from Neal A. Maxwell.

  • There are no honorary gospel PhD’s handed out (salvation)
  • Cannot buy a diploma (easy on the internet)
  • You can’t fake your “personal profile” (LinkedIn) and post erroneous accomplishments
  • The price has always remained the same (education bubble to come, inflated prices, easy access to debt and gov have increased the cost for education, but done little to educate.
  • “Ever learning, but never coming to a knowledge of the truth” (never crossing the finish line, never passing one class at a time, only audit the course when you think you’re taking it for real) Maxwell
  • You can’t cheat through class, it’s hands on practicum with open book tests and retakes
  • Test tubes
  • Nicodemus know the law, but not the gospel
  • Can a man enter into his mothers womb a second time? Can a child obtain a PhD? We must become as little children
  • Start right, end right (hinges of gate – Hinckley) begin with the end in mind
  • You don’t learn until you teach it
  • Equations always balance out <=>
  • Intellectual conservatism
  • Do you have yours (world, God’s) history right?
  • Temple is a classroom (or just 2 hours on repeat?)

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