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What is the Difference between Belief, Faith, and Knowledge?

Belief can be passive, merely an acceptance that something is true, while faith is active.

Faith requires belief and trust. It gives us confidence and conviction and moves us to action. We cannot have faith without belief, but we can believe and not have faith. It is not enough, therefore, to just believe in Jesus Christ. For the gospel to bless our lives we must have faith that motivates us to follow Him. Knowledge, like belief, needs action in order to benefit us. Simply knowing that something can help or harm us does us no good unless we act on that knowledge. There is special knowledge that comes when we exercise faith and seek to live the gospel. When we act upon our beliefs with faith, the Spirit touches our heart and mind. We receive a spiritual witness from the Holy Ghost that enables us to say “we know” that Christ is our Savior and that the Church is true.

See James E. Talmage, Articles of Faith, 96–100

Have you actually conducted your own experiment upon his word?

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