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Devils and Unclean Spirits – MP3 & PDF Documents

The purpose of this work is to dispel the myths, inherited lies, and false traditions regarding evil spirits and their capabilities circulating. It is the most extensive compilation of quotes ever assembled regarding evil spirits, tradition, and discernment.

The importance for studying such a topic cannot be overstated. For many reason, the vast majority of Latter-day Saints have developed a myth that we should not discuss the capabilities of evil spirits and how to combat them, because if we do, “it will bring them about.” More than likely, this is a fear-based response because of the unknown. This work brings the unknown out of the darkness and into the light.

This work is the result of more than three years and hundreds of hours of research. It contains an extensive selection of quotes regarding evil spirits, discernment, and false tradition gleaned from the writings of many of the prophets, apostles, general authorities, and church scholars taken from the Journal of Discourses, the History of the Church, the Deseret News, and the Conference Reports and magazines of the Church. It also contains selected quotes from the writings, journals, and biographies of many early and current LDS leaders, pioneers, and missionaries, as well as the author’s story.

The included appendix contains the most extensive compilation of quotes ever assembled regarding evil spirits, tradition, and discernment by many past and current prophets, apostles, and general authorities of the Church, as well as quotes from early Church scholars, missionaries, and pioneers. Every effort has been made to include accurate citations.

The content on Podomatic has been taken down, the podcasts are not available, and Mike Stroud has been excommunicated so please approach with caution. This content is only available to bring light to the topic, not highlight or promote any one person or content besides scriptures, apostles and prophets.

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