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Comment Policy

Eternal.Life Comment Policies

We’re delighted you’re participating in the discussion about spiritually minded topics. In order to maintain the respect and readers of this blog, please be aware of  the following policies we strictly and quickly enforce:

  1. No advertising – Eternal Life isn’t for promoting yourself or your new books, website, product, cool videos, other blogs, etc.
  2. No linking – Comments and references to external material/sources are accepted, but any outside links (URL’s) are not permitted, see rule #1. Any comments with a link will be automatically delete.
  3. Respect others – Everyone has the agency to believe and share as they choose, calling into question other people’s rights of though or worship is not only rude, but weak-minded and unwise.
  4. Stay on topic – Comments should be directly related to the entry. Off-point comments may be allowed in Sunday School, but not here. We encourage you to read and fully process your comment at least twice before posting. Is your comment relevant, positive, productive and peaceful?
  5. Don’t violate intellectual property – Violations of other laws, including defamation and slander are strictly prohibited.

The first step to enforcement, and your warning, is comment deletion. Your second violation is met by deleting your user account and/or banning IP’s

If you have any questions, please let us know