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8 Signs of Progress

There are eight discernible characteristics or signs of progress, signs that arise naturally out of the dimensions of security, guidance, wisdom, and power of a divinely centered life and are therefore evident in the lives of those who are making the strong attempt:

  1. They genuinely love to pray and to study the scriptures.
  2. They are service oriented.
  3. They are continually learning and growing.
  4. They radiate positive energy and regularly sidestep negative energy.
  5. They believe in other people, in the unseen potential and good in them.
  6. They lead balanced lives, combining idealism with realism.
  7. They see life as an adventure.
  8. They are synergistic or creatively productive.

The above list is incomplete. It really could almost go on endlessly, describing the beautiful characteristics of divinely centered people. But these eight seem to be obvious and clearly indicative of such people. Click on each to briefly discuss each one in turn.


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