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4 Things a Person Must Learn to Do

The struggles of mankind in this challenging time can be summarized and solved by the immortal words of Henry Van Dyke, which most high school students are required at one time to memorize.

Van Dyke wrote “Four things a man must learn to do, If he would make a record true,

  • To THINK without confusion clearly,
  • To LOVE his fellowmen sincerely,
  • To act from HONEST MOTIVES  purely,
  • To TRUST in God and heaven securely.”

“To trust in God and heaven securely.” Wouldn’t there be a feeling of great security if you knew that your home produced sons and daughters who trust in God securely —really trust in him, believing in him and in his Son, Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world?

In these times, it can be difficult to think clearly, to hold to a high degree of integrity and loyalty, and to maintain lofty ideals in a generation that seems to have lost its scale of values. The current wave of permissiveness in many areas of our lives is being encouraged by false interpretations of our true, basic, moral principles.

The Savior warned us of these times:

“… there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” (Matt. 24:24.)

Unfortunately, along with much of the world, some of our loved ones are influenced by false prophets, false Christs, and modern movements of spiritualism. Some have become victims of satanic influences because they do not understand or realize the power of the adversary who knows human weaknesses and is ever present.

In this same sermon David B. Haight answer the question, Who is this evil power? Is he real? Does he exist?

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