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10 Simple Steps to Spirituality

The steps to spiritual strength or spirituality are simple, but be prepared to pay the price. It will require removing people, places, habits, entertainment, books, etc. and adding more Godly influences in your life.

1. Do I read the scriptures daily?
Read at least two pages: that’s only five minutes. I always find something in those two pages that has helped me that day. If we want the scriptures we have to read in the scriptures regularly. It’s a well from which we can draw nourishment, satisfaction and spirituality.

2. Do I really pray and not just say prayers?
You can’t really pray except you think. “ If you don’t feel like praying you ought to pray until you do.” Brigham Young.

3. Is my fasting meaningful?
Do I do more than just get hungry? It brings great spiritual power.

4. Do I go to bed early and get up early?
It’s more than just a coincidence that you missionaries were asked to go to bed early and arise early. If you are to be successful you must be in tune with the spirit you must receive revelation. This is my one piece of advice. Your body and mind will become rested. In those morning hours you will receive more flashes of inspiration then in any other time of the day. I’ve always received more inspiration than an any other times.

5. Am I essentially a happy person?
There is a direct connection between happiness and spirituality. “ Be of Good Cheer.” It’s not a suggestion it’s a commandment. Maybe you need to tell your face you’re happy. So force it if you have to, Work on it. This formula will help you smile honestly. On one side a piece of paper write thoughts for which you are most grateful. On the other side sort them through and pick the once which you are more grateful for. These things are priceless, when you don’t think of smiling think of this list. Read about God’s commandment to rejoice.

6. Do I work hard?
Laziness and spirituality don’t go together. Look at the prophet, he’s worn himself out in the work of the Lord. Most of you think that you have come here on a vacation. You need to repent. If you will work the spirit will strengthen and bless you.

7. Am I more concerned with how I serve rather than Where?
If you want to overcome the universal sin of pride, than one thing we can do is recognize that how we serve is more important than where we serve. If we feel overly concerned we ought to remember the experience of the Savior. He who is the chief among you let him be the servant. Serve wherever you are called.

8. Do I love everyone, even my enemies and keep romantic feelings in their proper place?
By love, all men shall know if ye are my disciples. There are different kinds of love. If we can recognize that it is required of us all the time, we will be close to the spirit. Those who watch carefully cultivate the spirit; those who don’t loose it.

9. Do I strive for oneness with others as well as within myself between my ideal and actual self?
Pray for oneness like between God the Father and the Son. Are you conscious of being a peacemaker in your apartment, in your family, in class, and among others? There is an even more important dimension; Internal Dimension, between who we are and what we are to be. Through faith in Christ we can change and until we do that there is static within us. He has promised us peace. Spirituality is lost as a result of that static. Sort out where we are and make steps to pull ourselves together.

10. Do I share testimony with others?
If you want to become close to the spirit then share your testimony with those who don’t know and share the same faith that you have. I never feel closer to the spirit than when I share testimony with others. Might it be well to tell people who they are? Listen to the missionaries because their message is true. Take advantage to let other know who you are. You are member of the church of Christ. Principle applied to life makes us eternally happy. Ask these questions regularly. At least every other week

Joe J. Christensen

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