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Membership in God’s earthly kingdom, designed to prepare us for His more

Eternal Life

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If it’s not voluntary it’s not the priesthood

Membership in God’s earthly kingdom, designed to prepare us for His heavenly kingdom, can be demanding. Between th...

The worlds focus on species not souls
Take the path of Least Repentance
A new sermon doesn’t make you more sinful
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There is no News Today

The BBC announcer approached the microphone that reached the world. Millions awaited the evening report on this Good Fri...

4 Things a Person Must Learn to Do
Are you an Eagle or a Hog?
The power to change
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Supposing Christ to be the gardener

When Mary when to the tomb to find Jesus she saw someone in the Garden. Weeping for her loss and not recognizing it to b...

The heart is more than a pump
Brigham Young on wealth
General Conference Word Analysis
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Why does God let things happen to us?

Why would a Father in heaven who calls us his children–who says he loves us above all of his creations–who s...

Do you feel like the heavens are sealed? That God is silent?
To live greatly, we must develop this capacity
The meanest man that ever lived Saved her
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Under the Siege of Wickedness

The forces of good are clearly and continually under attack. There are times when it seems the world is almost drowning ...

A Harem of Imaginary Brides
You can’t get enough
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Why doesn’t the Lord give me a wife or husband?

There was a man, struggling to get married, asked Elder Richard G. Scott the probing question, “Why doesn’t the Lord...

The difference between Attraction and Love
Dating to Marriage – Cliff Notes
Was it a Date?
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