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Membership in God’s earthly kingdom, designed to prepare us for His more

What Is Zion? A Distant View

This talk was originally given at Brigham Young University on February 25, 1973, as “Waiting for Zion.” It was circulated by ASBYU under the title What Is Zion? Joseph Smith Lecture Series, 1972-73 (Provo: BYU Press, 1973), 1-21 and reprinted as &#...

How Firm a Foundation! What Makes It So

One hundred fifty years is not as long as you think—the Lord has not delayed his coming. I well remember my great-grandfather, who was twenty years old when Joseph Smith was still leading the church—and the Prophet died as a young man. Also I remember very...

Hugh Nibley Resources

Thanks to Delia Taylor for the treasure trove of Hugh Nibley resources. You can browse through them ...