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You can’t get enough

We continually and feudaly attempt to satisfy the souls with worldly ways. It doesn’t even have to be wickedness, but the weakness alone of being centered on anything but Christ produces the pain we need to see and change Ether 12:27.

  • You can’t get enough pleasure to produce purpose
  • You can never consume enough to complete you
  • You’ll never sin enough to satisfy your soul or sexual desire
  • You can never view enough pornography to produce the purity and passion you crave
  • Lust can never leave you with love (love is the only lasting feeling, all others are fleeting)
  • You can’t compete or compare with others enough to conquer yourself
  • You can’t criticize or complain enough to create charity
  • You can’t view enough of other people’s lives (TV, movies, etc.) to view your own life properly

“You can’t get enough of that which can’t satisfy.” Joseph Smith

A similar and related truth is, “any virtue to the extreme becomes a vice.” Our strengths can become our weaknesses

Our Creator has give us the key to unlock the “enough” syndrome. There is one answer and one way through Christ; “I am the way , the truth , and the lifeJohn 14:6

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